DAO ecological service platform based on WEB3
SeekTiger is a DAO ecological service platform based on WEB3. The ecological applications include TIGER DAO VC platform, chain game aggregation platform, NFT trading platform, DEX trading platform, all platforms are governed by DAO; our innovative blind box, digital tiger The combination of NFT and DAO presents you an interesting metaverse ecology of DAO+NFT+GAMEFI+DEFI.

Tiger DAO

Tiger Capital

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Amazing Features

Where skill is rewarded.Join millions of players worldwide!

Asset security guarantee

Users' game assets and NFT are all on the blockchain, and distributed management will not disappear due to server failure or operator problems.

Higher return rate

After automatic processing, the operation cost can be effectively reduced. The official will not hold tokens, and will allocate all mine pool rewards to users to provide users with a higher rate of return.

Global market

Traditional game industry uses fiat currency for participation and settlement. Due to differences in regional policies, the involvement of global users is limited. GameFi is borderless and can be circulated globally, allowing more users to participate.

DAO Governance

Aiming at establishing a Web3.0-based DAO chain game aggregation platform, it actively integrates individual game developers or teams, introduces richer GameFi, and provides diversified chain game services for DAO members.

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