Announcement of The First Exercise of Voting Rights by Tiger Dao Members

Participation threshold: All STI holders

Voting method: single-choice voting

    Dear Glorious Tiger Fans:

            The first quarter is now over. Of the 5% allocated to the first quarter in DEX, we have used 3.5 million of the rewards supplied to LP mining, leaving 46.5 million to be burned or not-it is your decision!

            The original plan for this event is limited to DAO bedge holders and will be counted as one of the cumulative items of the future contribution value of DAO members. However, the number of DAO members have not yet reached 5,000, so this vote is extended to all STI holders and you will exercise the same voting rights as DAO members to decide the outcome of this vote together.

    Voting rules:

    1. Login to SNAPSHOT with your wallet authorization,

    2. Choose to agree to burn or oppose to burn according to your wishes,

    3.The process of autorisation of your choice will not deduct STI assets, please be rest assured,

    4. We will announce the result and execute the token burning at the end of the vote.

99+ User already participated

4/14/22 12:00 AM - 4/19/22 12:00 AM