Introduction to tiger attributes

1. BTC tiger

  • The most powerful digital tiger on the earth, with the first comprehensive strength. Among many digital tigers, BTC warrior tiger is an existence with strong comprehensive strength. It originates from bitcoin, the ancestor of cryptocurrency, and is also a necessary digital tiger for the Dao Medal of honor (NFT) of Nakamoto's Avatar.

  • SSR level, the number is only 100, and the probability of obtaining is 0.01%

2. Eth tiger

  • It has an extraordinary appearance and can stand out among tigers. Ethereum's system is the most widely used public blockchain system supporting complete application development. The ETH mage Tiger Born from the concept of Ethereum is the most popular role in the digital tiger and a necessary digital tiger for the Dao Medal of honor (NFT) of synthesizing the head of V God.

  • SR level, only 1000, with a probability of 0.1%

3. BNB tiger

  • With strong strength, he is a potential strong hand. The strength and ambition of the pirate tiger determine that it is unwilling to be ordinary. The design concept comes from BNB cryptocurrency. It is also a necessary digital tiger to synthesize the Dao like Medal of honor (NFT) of CZ head.

  • S Level, 10000 in number, with a probability of 1%

4. Sol tiger

  • A rock tiger, always live in the rock scene. Rock tiger is full of passion. Its flexible and bold character and the form of expressing emotion with music rhythm are designed from Solana. Its ultra-high TPS processing speed makes people experience speed and rock.

  • R level, 50000 in number, with a probability of 5%

5. ADA tiger

  • Wearing a felt hat and riding boots, this is a cowboy tiger from the western United States. Although the cowboy era has passed, the cowboy spirit and culture it breeds have continued. The design inspiration of cowboy Tiger comes from Cardano, just as cowboy is mentioned The concept of "layered" of Cardano reminds people of the concept of "ecological blockchain".

  • R level, 50000 in number, with a probability of 5%

6. Doge tiger

  • Hi yoyo ~ this is Doge hip hop tiger. The characteristics of hip hop culture -- the pursuit of individuality, rebellion and freedom. Doge is a social experiment to satirize BTC. It has an amazing growth rate, making it the largest user volume in the world. This has also become the design inspiration of hip hop tiger.

  • N Level, 100000 in number, with a probability of 10%

7. TRX tiger

  • It is both right and evil. It is a unique wizard tiger. People believe that the wizard is a person with the ability between ghosts and gods. The wizard tiger is such a digital tiger with unique magic. The design of wizard tiger is inspired by wave field Tron. With extraordinary strength, sun Yuchen, founder of wave field, built Tron into one of the three public chains in the world.

  • N Level, 100000 in number, with a probability of 10%

8. Candy tiger

  • Sweet and interesting, she is a candy tiger representing wonderful surprises, and is the only female tiger in the whole tiger family. Everyone likes to give the joy of candy. The candy tiger is also a tiger who likes to surprise others. Her design inspiration comes from representing candy's essence of airdrop and gift, and brings surprise and pleasure to everyone at the same time.

  • N Level, 688900, with a probability of obtaining 68.89%